A picture of yours truly

This is a profile made for the user of Fear the Fayz, Ryan AKA TheRello99. And if you must know, this profile page is being made by yours truly so I will be writing this in first person.


I am a very discluded and cynical person, often being called a mean person and a cold person. The fact of the matter is, I would describe myself as a cold-hearted, intellectual, cynical douchebag. Because that is what I am.

On the original site, I was a prominent member, becoming the head admin on the original Enter the Fayz. Unfortunately, due to school and internet troubles, I had a two month reak which demoted me to nothing.

I mainly hang around on the RPGs as well as chat, because I find the trivial topics generic and boring. I am often criticized by others but I don't really care about.


I personally don't allow anyone to see my real face, usually hiding it behind PeinxKonan pictures. Though if you are really desperate to see what I actually look like, feel free to come over to where I live....and receive a knife to the throat.


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