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The Basics

Name: Micah

Nicknames: El Diablo, Micah Mouse or Micah Diablo

Age: 17

D.O.B.: August 24, 1994


Micah is generally a nice guy with a straightroward personaliy. He does come off as brash and very blunt and can be labeled as a bully or aggressive but behind the aggressiveness is a kind person. He is easily annoyed but twice as easily amused. He cares a great deal about hsi members on his site and has no problem being an ear or shoulder for them to cry on.

Micah often times bites off more than he can handle, thus leading to him being stressed out and instead of asking for help, he tires to do it all on his own. He is very dedicated to his site and his members and will do whatever it takes to give them a great community.

Micah is quite sarcastic and has named various aspects of his personalities different Names(Gabriel, Malik, Hayden and everyon'es favorite, Dennis). Micah is also a HUGE BEYONCE FAN!